Merrygoround - Outside Punx

mid 80s old school japanese punk, noisy guitars with upbeat drumming & raw vocals. some awesome songs, check this out. for fans of Kuro, The Sexual & G.I.S.M.

Gatekrashör - Fear of Attack

drunk canadian speed metal maniacs, machinegun riffs with infernal drumming & evil old school vocal rawness. this band is fucking badass, listen to this now cunts

Skull and Bullets - Demo

raw metal/punk r'n'r hailing from the U.S. filthy guitars with catchy drumming & old school dirty vocal assaults. awesome release, give this a listen you fucks

Beowülf - s/t

mid 80s speeding thrash metal/punk coming out of the U.S. fast riffs from hell with blazing drumming & filthy vocals. this is killer, if you haven't heard this check it out


The Sexual - '83 - '85

fucking killer japanese metal/punk from the early 80s, dirty riffs with mid paced drumming & classic vocals. under rated band, take a listen now cunts. for fans of Kuro, G-Zet & Gastunk

R.U.G. - Deathly Fighter

classic japanese heavy metal, old school riffs with upbeat drumming & legendary vocals. awesome release, filled with the old school spirit of metal & features ex members of militant punk legends G.I.S.M.

Damzell - Ready to Attack

late 80s heavy/speed metal coming out of japan, heavy riffs with fast paced drumming & old school vocals of war. fucking must have release, yet another band along with Rommel, Mein Kampf & Rosenfeld to use the swastika for shock value. don't miss out on this

Rommel - Indiscriminata Attack Two

heavy/speed metal coming out of japan from the mid 80s, war driven guitars with mid paced drumming & dirty occult vocals. this is fucking badass, another band that used the swastika for shock value. check this out now

Mein Kampf - Speeder

japanese mid 80s speed metal war, old school speeding riffs with amazing drumming & classic metal vocals from the ancients. awesome release, check this out if you haven't & no this band weren't nazis

Truncheons - Demo

fucking filthy raw punk hailing from canada, noisy riffs of distortion with catchy upbeat drumming & dirty reverb ridden vocal chaos. this band is amazing, features members of crust warriors After the Bombs. listen now cunts

United - Destroy Metal

fucking killer japanese heavy/speed metal from the early 80s, burning riffs from hell with speeding drums & classic metal vocals. this is a must, if you haven't listened to this do it now

Metallica - No Life 'Til Leather

legendary U.S. heavy/thrash metal with a touch of n.w.o.b.h.m. from the early 80s classic guitars from hell with blazing drums & old school drenched vocals. this release is the best in my opinion, motorcharged metallica. check this out

Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes

ancient U.K. heavy metal/n.w.o.b.h.m. from the mid 70s, classic riffs with catchy drumming & legendary vocals. this is a under rated release & there first demo, check this out fuckers

The Impalers - s/t

nasty heavy metal punk coming from the U.S. old school guitars with catchy drumming & filthy vocals. great sound & songs, give this a listen & bang your head

Hellcharger - Morbid Black D-Beat

dirty down tuned blackend metal/punk stench coming from mexico, fast r'n'r riffs with old school d-beat chaos & raw vocals of war. fucking killer release, check this out now cunts


The Execute - Blunt Sleazy

mid 80s japanese metal/punk r'n'r, badass old school riffs with upbeat drumming & dirty vocals. fucking killer release, get this now. for fans of G-Zet, Kuro & Gastunk

Death SS - ...In Death of Steve Sylvester

horrorfied late 70s italian heavy/speed metal with a doom metal touch. ancient guitars with upbeat classic drums & satan possessed vocals. this is a masterpiece, old school at it's best

Diskelmä - Fun Is Over

finnish nihilistic d-beat/crust chaos, anti-social guitars with catchy drumming & filthy vocals. great energy & sound, don't miss out on this release

Exorcist - Nightmare Theater

mid 80s evil speed metal destruction from the U.S. cult riffs with blazing drums & nasty vocal madness. fucking must have, get this or die


Horn - Die Kraft der Szenarien

german atmospheric black metal nature worship, epic riffs with catchy drumming & grim vocals from the forest. this is fucking a must have, don't be a fool and miss out. for fans of Lunar Aurora, Walknut & Drudkh


Inverloch - Dusk | Subside

crushing death/doom metal coming from australia, riffs of destruction with crushing drumming & darkened vocals from the void. really awesome release, features some ex dISEMBOWELMENT members so check this out

Assaulter - Boundless!

evil blackend thrash metal coming from australia, blasphemic guitars with infernal drumming & vile satanic vocals. killer release, get this now fuckers. for fans of Gospel of the Horns, Deströyer 666 & Desaster

Misantropic - Insomnia

nasty d-beat/crust coming out of sweden, guitars of armageddon with fast paced drumming & filthy female fronted vocal chaos. this is fucking sick, if you haven't listened to this check it out

Pokolgép - A Maszk

ancient early 80s power/heavy metal coming from hungary, badass riffs with upbeat drumming & classic vocals. this is fucking awesome, great old school sound

Fist - Back with a Vengeance

old school late 70s n.w.o.b.h.m. hailing from the U.K. killer vintage riffs with catchy drumming & classic vocals. this is badass, get this if your a fan of this genre

Ataraxie - Slow Transcending Agony

french funeral death/doom metal annihilation, suffocating riffs with powerful drumming & vocals filled with torture. great release here, for fans of Evoken & Thergothon don't miss out

Esoteric - Metamorphogenesis

funeral death/doom metal coming out of the U.K. riffs of pure isolation with pummeling drums & heavy misanthropic vocals. this release will get you lost in time, fucking awesome try it out

Avathar - Forlorn

epic blackend folk metal coming from finland, journey filled riffs with catchy drumming & cold vocal abyss of the ancients. great release, total tolkien inspiration give this a listen

Master's Hammer - Ritual

late 80s occult black metal hailing from the czech republic, spiritual riffs with mid paced drumming & haunting vocal darkness. this is a masterpice & very unique release, check this out if you haven't


Détente - Recognize No Authority

violent speed/thrash metal coming from the U.S. infernal riff hell with upbeat drumming & war fronted female vocal assault. this is fucking killer & a must, for fans of Sacrilege & After The Bombs